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Edible Beds provides ongoing support for growing vegetables.  You can contact us for any questions you have about how to maintain your planter box.  Some of our customers know little about how to grow and we help them so they can enjoy the benefits of tasting the difference with having grown your own strawberries or tomatoes.

Other customers already know a lot about gardening but are looking for tools or techniques to get the most out of their raised garden beds.  We can help there too.  Fibreglass rods and micro-climate cloths can be supplied to extend the growing season. You will find these products last a lot longer than plastic varieties supplied at some garden centres.

Worm juice is valuable contributor to growing healthy vegetables.  A worm farm allows you to turn your organic waste into a resource that the worms have broken down so the nutrients are immediately available to the plants and veggies.

Worm Farms         



Growing Cloches


Cloches are made with fibreglass rods for durability and the cover promotes growth whilst letting
water though and moisture to escape. The cover is an Italian manufactured knitted polythene fabric
that will last longer and allow you to grow salads right through the winter.

Prices include GST.
Delivery  and installation costs apply.
Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of these products.


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